Sunday, February 14, 2010


Rodney Marsh was one of THE stars in the NASL.  Although his autobiography, "Priceless," does not focus exclusively on his NASL career, it does provide interesting insight into what life was like for him when he starred for the Tampa Bay Rowdies.  This book is a great read and very entertaining.  I got my copy cheap, on Amazon.  


  1. I bought this book at the end of last year. it is a good read! When this man came to Tampa, I was in High School. He was not marketed in America like Pele' but for us in the neighborhood at that time, we looked at each other and said, "Pele Who"? We always felt Pele was a visitor competing for his own country. Then when my friend James told us that he heard someone said, "He is the White Pele." It was Mr. Marsh that said it and we just loved that kind of confidence in sports. Friendly and to the point. When we heard how much he liked Tampa, we agreed as a group of friends from high school that soccer was IT, and this guy was going to help put us on the map, we had so much fun at these games. Of course, the house of cards fell and my friends drifted off into other sports. We could have been "contenders" as Marlon Brando yells in the movie "On the Waterfront." ;)

  2. Great story! Thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog!