Wednesday, December 22, 2010


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  1. 1979 Lancers were an exciting team, with the siging of Shep Messing and the emergence of 17 year-old Bronko Segota.

    Signing Messing was a coup for the often-maligned small-market Lancers. Messing was a celebrity.

    Segota scored 14 goals in the last 9 games and the Lancers were practically unbeatable at home.

    I remember the last game of the year, the Lancers needed to win and score two goals (bonus points) to make the playoffs. They scored one and had a last miunte goal called back for a phantom offside.

    The only way they could make the playoffs was if Toronto didn't win and score three goals in their last game against Philly. Philly nned to score three goals, win or lose, and they would qualify for the playoffs over New England.

    Final score Toronto 4, Philly 3. Both make the playoffs over the Lancers and New England.