Friday, November 4, 2011


In 1983 KICK Magazine became available by mail order subscription in addition to serving as the official NASL game program.. This is the premier issue. In addition to the advertised articles on Team America and the World Youth Championships, it contains news and notes on MISL, ASL, as well as NASL.

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  1. I was a young "select" soccer player in Middletown, Ohio when this issue came to my mailbox. I remember when my team registered players through Ohio South Youth Soccer Association, we had an option to mark on one of the papers if we wanted to "subscribe to Kick". I loved getting these magazines. My first connection to the USMNT came from reading the story in this issue about Team America.I also remember a section about the youth world cup team, that may have featured the exploits of a young Hugo Perez. At the back of the mag, there was a "picture feature" that showed an action shot of soccer players without the ball in the photo. You had to guess where the ball actually was based on the body language and eye direction of the players. I think you had to wait untill the next issue came out to see the real picture and figure out where the ball was. Great magazine! I remember being bummed when the mag stopped showing up 8n the mailbox. This probably coincided with the NASL folding.